Our Mission and Strategy


Our mission

We deeply want to accelerate the realization of being a leading vaccine player  and being the backbone to cooperate with compete with multinational counterparts  so that we can make contributions to the cause of health care for Chinese and the whole human being.  

Our strategy

Adhere to the path of industrialized development.  
We stick to organic integration of research, production and sales to create a set of vaccine industrial chain, based on a virtuous cycle by setting R&D as the support, quality as the essence, market demand as the guidance and sales as the economic foundation.  
Take innovation and perspectiveness as the motive power of Zhifei’s development.  
We took courage to break the limitations of the marketing model of traditional vaccines , and at the same time determined a unique marketing model for bioproducts, which got fully practiced in market and gradually spread, through combination between innovative marketing concepts and forward thinking as per the characteristics of vaccine marketing. Innovation runs through the whole process of enterprise development, in the form of continuous new explorations and research, new talent force and etc., to make our company more scientific, more systematic, and more thorough.  
Play well in strategic cooperations and focus on expansion of the Company scale.  
We will make the best of advantages of cooperative R&D, growing closely with research units including universities, institutes and CDCs for talents and technology resources sharing and our R&D strength improvement. Considering that agent products are a key way for capital accumulation, we will keep copartnership with, and exercise exclusive agent buyout from but not limit to Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products and Zhejiang Pukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  In addition, it is estimated that Merger&Acquisition to 2 or 3 companies will be completed within the next five years in order to meet our development needs of enlarging the Company scale as well as strengthening our overall competitiveness.
Live locally, think globally.  
In practical work, we should have a clear knowledge of the developmental trends, dynamics and directions of domestic and international vaccine enterprises, from which we find out our shortcomings and deficiencies and recognize our advantages and specialties as well, then the directions, goals, strategies and steps for our own development are available. On the basis of being bigger and stronger at home, we are confident in ourselves to go outside to seek new opportunities in international market and realize the eventual goal of being international by cooperating with foreign major professional counterparts first and then establishing international industry base for vaccines.  
Reinforce three core constructions---talent team, R&D capacity, corporate culture.  
With respect to talents cultivation, we take joint efforts with internal reputable colleges and universities and institutes to reach the goal of a sound personnel system, divided in research team, backbones for production and management, and senior sales representatives to reach over 200, 300 and 500 respectively in five years.  
In order to function well in R&D part, with the support of accumulated capital and financing, we will be engaged in the construction of the industrial base and the research center of Luzhu, technological renovation of Longcom, logistics projects of Zhifei, by means of advanced equipment and research talents introduction to reinforce our research power.  
The Company attaches great importance to our culture construction. Organizations like Youth League committee, Communist Party committee and Labor Unions have been founded in a short time to take the responsibilities of activities including internal art activities, meetings for ideas exchange and staff greetings or visits. These activities are anticipated to become our emotional sustenance, enrich our spare time, and enhance our sense of belonging.  
Stick to the operation philosophy of " Social benefits enjoy priority over economic profits on the basis of win-win".  
Holding in faith that during the creation of social benefits, economic profits return naturally, we have successfully completed and will keep national popularity of multiple vaccines, which effectively promote the transformation of their market value while achieving good economic interests.